Penang's Escape - Theme Park With No Age Limit

ESCAPE Penang is a theme park come with numerous of adventurous and challenging activities set up in the nature surrounding. Open to the public since 2012, ESCAPE Penang stand to be unique if compare to the rest of the theme park. Unlike establish in the building come with modern gadgets/technology fun, the theme park is emphasizing about nature. It is family friendly and opt to increase the bonding between one to another, enjoy and back to the nature. ESCAPE started with a nature amusement part, not increase another excitement activity which is water activities.

Owned by Sim Leisure Group Limited, a PLC listed company on Singapore Exchange also internally renowned theme park designer. The founder Sim Choo Kheng was born and raised in Penang island.   

Started in 2009 and after gone thru finance matters obstacle, it finally opened in November 2012 and it quickly become topic of the town due to its retro-eco concept which makes the difference in the market.


The park has numerous attractions and more than 30 activities for you to venture into. It mainly divides into 3 sections Adventure, Gravity and Waterplay. Some recommendations below


Adventure Play

#1 Monkey Business

This is the first activity to notice when entering the ESCAPE Penang, the Monkey Business. Different levels of obstacles to hurdle through. There’s no turning back because there’s only one-way zip line when you begin the challenge. Consist of three levels. First level for warm up purpose, while you need this level to learn the basic of balancing, alignment and climbing. The moment enter into level 2 and above, it gets more challenging. The last stage will leave your legs a little shaky, so be prepared physically and mentally.

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#2 Atan’s Leap

The leap-of-faith tower. It’s basically bungee jump and not everyone has the guts to do it. Your heart gets heavier as you reach the top. The height and fear of falling is what you need to get over with, and guess what? There’s no going back as well.



#3 Gecko Tower

A little break between challenges, this is a little less exhausting. Get a float as your “seat” and climb all the way uphill. Get to the top and slide your way down, so thrilling. It’s like water slide without the water.

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#4 COCO Climb

Climb trees of course. You’ll get to challenge yourself to climb real trees or challenge with friends.


#5 Flying Lemur

Fly between forests! The excitement is indescribable, but first, challenges. You’ll have to go through a few obstacles before the real deal. Guess what? They’re all something you’ve tried out at Monkey Business. That’s why we put Monkey Business first. As you “fly,” you’re surrounded by greens and cooling wind, real close to nature.

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Gravity Play

#1 Hill Rider

Enjoyed the exhilarating ride down the steep, winding dirt track, screaming in excitement. Hill Rider reintroduces the 'need for speed' this generation of kids yearn for.


#2 Tubby Racer

Enjoy an exhilarating journey downhill sitting in a tubby tube. You can link several tubby tubes together for great family fun!

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Water Play

#1 Atan’s Jump

Jumping fun into the pool. You can act as acrobat by perform some stun before splash into the pool.


#2 Play House

Fun place to play and interact. The fun place that suitable for all ages.


#3 Waterslides

There are many types of water slides feature in ESCAPE. From family friendly slide to challenging slide like Mega Drop, Speed Racer, Tubby Rapids and others.

ESCAPE, Travel Penang

Talk about the water theme park, I wish to highlight the world’s longest slide! The 1,111m-long water slide opened in November 2019 and also consider finish the Phase 3 of the amusement park's expansion. Also reported by CNN Travel, the waterslide snake thru the jungle and takes about 4 minutes to complete where you can really enjoy the ride while immerse yourself in the forest.

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"The absolute venture for this improvement stage is RM12mil, and the water slide alone is RM5mil, " he told journalist.


It is multiple times longer than the past record holder in Germany (356m). GWR confirmed the record for the water slide on Sept 6.


Sim said the record-breaking endeavour was "totally accidental" and the advancement was exclusively to focus on making longer, have more fun and excitement during the rides at the park.


"The main objective when thinking of the idea was to save the common habitat and have the guests appreciate and love nature while having a great time, " he said.

He included that the physical establishment of the water slide took eight months utilizing just essential gear, for example, chain derricks and framework, to preserve the forest as nature as possible.


ESCAPE also recognized with few awards including Best Attraction / Theme Park in Malaysia and Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor.

ESCAPE, Travel Penang

They ticket price range divide into 3 categories consist of 1 day, 2 days, 1 week and annual pass.


We Kikia provide transport and day tour service in Penang. We provide the local transport to take you to the destination safe and sound, and ready to pick up upon complete of the theme park activity. While you feel exhausting, we will try to stimulate your taste buds by bring you to enjoy the local delight since Penang also well known as food heaven.


Covid-19 SOP

Due to global pandemic, the theme park allows to operate and they have come out the SOP to comply the requirements. However, water theme park remain close until further notice.

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