Top Smallest National Park In Malaysia

Did you know where is the “End of the World”? It is Top smallest National Park in Malaysia located at Penang Teluk Bahang! 

In Penang Island, when you heading to the North from Penang Georgetown Area, you will pass through Batu Ferringhi and drive approximately 20 mins until you arrive the landmarks of the roundabout. There is the last stops for the end points. For those who are using public transports, you might experience long hour waiting and hassle method to reach the place. Thus, own car driving or private car hire is more encourage to this place.

Imagine that back to previous decade, during that time transportation system is not that good enough. When you come to this end of the world, are you have those strong feeling to describe it?

Top Malaysia’s Smallest “Taman Negara”.

Perhaps, some people might feel that is quite far away/outskirt compare to town area at Georgetown Penang. However, the sight here is totally found different, the best scene of its flora and fauna are welcome all visitors at anytime.

When you turn into the “Roundabout”, you have to follow road sign board with the name “Jalan Hassan Abas”. Once arrive to the end points, there is the main entrance Penang National Park-

With a total area of about 25 square kilometres, the Penang National Park is the smallest national park in the world. But within its boundaries, protected as a forest reserve under the 1980 National Parks Act and gazetted as a national park in 2003, this area is home to an extraordinarily wide spectrum of tropical plants, animals, and geographical features

Place for family Picnic

Aside of natural flora and fauna, Pantai Keracut beach and Monkey Beach are the best spot for those who want picnic. After a long journey of jungle trekking, most of people will stay here and having some activity on these 2 famous beach. Of course, you may choose the easy way to reach the beach spot we mentioned, which is using boat rather than jungle trekking.

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Created at October 19 at 11:27 PM