Explore Penang Night Market In 7 Days

place George Town, Penang

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When sun hang down over the horizon, Penang is still the busy and active place to explore around, designated site turns into a bustling place with booths set up to sell the foods and other goodies. Night markets or local peoples called Pasar Malam in local Malay language where group of hawkers selling mainly street food, clothes and other miscellaneous items. Penang night market tour is an exciting activity to do at the evening. Indulge your taste buds and eat like a local on this 3.5-4 hour street tour in Penang and take a slow walk to visit other booths for cheap clothes, household items and other miscellaneous things at bargain price! The list below is the night market I could recommend to you. While indulge yourself into local street foods in the night market tour, do not miss the bargaining time with the clothes / bags / other non-food item sellers too! The below are the 7 best night market to explore.

Monday - Macallum Street Night Market (Recommended!)

Tuesday - Tanjung Bungah Night Market

Wednesday - Farlim Night Market (Recommended!)

Thursday - Wayton Paya Terubong, Farlim

Friday - Jelutong Night Market (Recommended!)

Saturday - Sungai Dua Night Market

Sunday - Paya Terubong Night Market

All day Open but mostly happening during weekend - Batu Ferringhi (Recommended!)

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George Town, Penang
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Penang Tour by Dave Choong

Dave choong
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Hi, my name is Dave Choong or you can call me Dave and I am a certified Tour Guide in Malaysia also a member of Penang Tourist Guide Association.

Penang, a beautiful state as my home town for more than 30 years, I am love to share some facts regardless historical, culture and food to you.

I am able to conduct day trips within George Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and other site of Penang as well. 

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