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Activity Highlights

This tour would take about 8 hours. Below are proposed itinerary

~ Pick-up from hotel

~ Visit and discover George Town, Penang heritage area

~ Visit Kek Lok Si Temple and enjoying the light extravaganza!

~ Dinner at one of the Penang Hawker Center

~ Back to hotel


Tour Duration: 8 Hours, pick up time may be vary which depends on the preferred itinerary and attraction

Maximum Number of People: 4

Tour Included: Driver guide, transportation, fuel, toll and parking fee. 

Tour Excluded: Entrance fees, attraction`s transport & meals

Chinese New Year is celebrated all around the world, but each country or community may carry their own unique customs & culture. This also can be observed in Malaysia where almost a quarter of the populations are Chinese ethnic. In this multi-racial country, Malaysia government also observed the 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year (based on Lunar Calendar) as national public holiday.

Each year of Chinese New Year will usher a zodiac animal ruling sign. 2020 is the year of the Rat. Penang is a state with highest Chinese population than other states in Malaysia, Chinese New Year is one of the most significant celebrations here. Celebrations usually start on the eve of Chinese New Year where family members gather for a Reunion Dinner to enjoy traditional Chinese delicacies until the 15th day of 1st month in Lunar calendar. 

When tourist visit Penang during this period for Penang tour, they shall expect Chinese New Year décor along the street, shopping mall, residence area and even can attend special event during these 15 days for FREE!!

In this Penang private tour, discover Penang with me and witness some of the city`s highlights. Also take the opportunity to try local street foods and delicacies.  The tour start in duration of 8 hours Below are my recommendation, feel free to contact me for customized tour that suit your requirement. Below are some of the highlights to stimulate your interest.


25 Jan 2020

OBS Chinese New Year Run: 5-km fun run within the beautiful sights of George Town`s heritage area while immersing into the spirit and joy of Chinese New Year atmosphere!

19 Jan -21 Feb 2020

Kek Lok Si Display of Lights - one of the largest and finest temple complexes in Southeast Asia. But without doubt the most spectacular time of year to visit is during Chinese New Year, when the complex is illuminated by tens of thousands of lights! The lights usually will on eve of Chinese New Year for about 30 days upon last day of 1st month in Lunar Calendar.

1-2 Feb 2020

Penang Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – 2 two days festival carry about 15 types of hot air balloons by international and local balloonists. Suitable for family friendly activities.

1 Feb 2020

Jade Emperor Festival – Located on 9th day of Chinese New Year, which is also the Jade Emperor`s Birthday, is a largely significant ritual event for the Chinese community in Penang.

2 Feb 2019 

Chinese New Year Celebration –Held along 10 diverse major and minor streets in the heritage precinct of George Town with number of booths, exhibitions and interactive workshops for all visitors.

8 Feb 2019: 

Chap Goh Meh Celebration – in 15th day of Lunar calendar, also consider as Chinese Valentine`s day. On this night, with the full moon shining down, young ladies of marrying age venture out to popular sea promenades to throw oranges into the sea, wishing for a good soul mate.

8 hours
RM 40/ hour
Drinking Water
Professional Guide

Penang Tour by Dave Choong

Dave choong
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Hi, my name is Dave Choong or you can call me Dave and I am a certified Tour Guide in Malaysia also a member of Penang Tourist Guide Association.

Penang, a beautiful state as my home town for more than 30 years, I am love to share some facts regardless historical, culture and food to you.

I am able to conduct day trips within George Town, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and other site of Penang as well. 

Be the first review me thank!

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