Taiping Day Tour

place Taiping, Perak

Activity Highlights

Taiping Day Tour Itineary (十八丁&太平之旅)

9.00 am - Penang Breakfast (槟城吃早餐)

9.30 am - Depart from Penang to Taiping (槟城吃完早餐出发)

11.00 am - Charcoal Factory Kuala Sepetang (十八丁火炭厂)

11.40 am - Kuala Sepatang Sea Activities (十八丁游,养鱼场,喂食老鹰)

1.30 pm - Kuala Sepatang Seafood for Lunch (十八丁火车站海鲜村吃午餐)

2.30 pm - Taiping Aun Tong Coffee Factory (太平安东咖啡厂)

3.30 pm - Perak Museum (太平博物馆)

5.30 pm - Taping Lake Garden (太平湖滨公园)

6.30 pm - Restaurant Fu Man Lau (太平福满楼海鲜粥-当地出名的海鲜粥)

7.30 pm - Back from Taiping

9.00 pm -  Arrival to Penang


Tour Duration: around 11-12 Hours

Max Number of People to depart: 6

Tour Included: Driver guide, transportation, fuel, toll and parking fee. 

Tour Excluded: Attraction entrance fees, meals & souvenir

**Any customized Itineary request are welcome!


RM 688 / trip
Taiping, Perak
Toll Fee

Penang Tour by Daniel Goh

Daniel goh
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